Plant Manager Recruitment


New Plant Manager gives Cascade a lift


Candidate: Jon Gailey Organisation: Cascade Corporation www.cascorpcom

Based: Manchester, UK

Cascade Corporation is an American owned, global business spanning several countries including the UK. Jon Gailey joined the UK operation, placed by Paul Griffiths of Cork Griffiths recruitment consultants. cascade

Cascade specialises in material handling products for lift trucks. In the UK, the plant employs 110 people and has a turnover in the region of £13 million. Jon’s remit is challenging as he is responsible for every aspect of this.   “I met with Paul Griffiths who spent a lot of time with me interviewing me for this position” explained Jon. “What really impressed me was how Paul approached my change of career with true independence. He didn’t try and slot me into the position because it was available and suited him. He talked to me about what I wanted, where I saw the futture and he even suggested other routes and paths I could follow” he continued. Jon found Paul’s approach completely refreshing and quite unlike most of the experiences he has had with recruitment agencies in the past. Interestingly, Jon would be happy to use Cork Griffiths in his current role as he believes that the first round of interviews and contact with the agency is a direct reflection on the client. Therefore if Paul looks after potential candidates and interviews them professionally and helpfully, it has a direct impact on how Cascade would be perceived. “Paul also helped a friend of mine” commented Jon. “There was nothing in it for him, he just directed him to the right places and gave him some sound advice.”