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Career management experts

Career advancement, CV support, one on one coaching, mentoring support

We offer a range of services which are geared to supporting you through your career. These are offered on a menu basis and include:

Market ready preparation. This is especially useful and totally necessary where an individual is coming into the job market having been employed by one company for a long period of time or alternatively, has worked for themselves running a business and has never really had any experience of formal job search and interview processes. You need to be 100% ready to tackle the market and we will ensure that you are ready to “hit the ground running”, both psychologically and physically.

Personal brand building. You need to think of yourself as a “brand” in your own right and consider marketing yourself as such. This module will help you to start focussing in this way and will get you to think of how you can get ahead of the competition by maximising the power of “brand you”.

Presentation training. A session designed to boost your confidence and make you aware of the sort of things which employers and interviewers look out for and we show you how to use your body language to promote positive vibes. A video is provided which you can take away and use to further develop this skill set in your own time.

Social media support and training. The tools for job searching have changed dramatically in recent years. In this module, we will help you get to grips with and use to your advantage these new methods and social feeds including LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, etc.

Job boards review and training. The advertised jobs market has changed dramatically in recent years and you need to know how to find the right jobs for you. This session will show you how to do that using the major jobs boards of today. 

Networking support training. We will work with you to develop ways to open up doors to third party networks and relevant potential referrers such as banks, solicitors, accountants, etc.

Psychometric testing. We have a range of tests at our disposal which are dispensed by British Psychological Society (BPS) accredited professionals. These include situational judgement, ability, numerical reasoning, verbal reasoning, etc. We can adopt any suite of tests to suit your circumstances and feedback is provided to you. Most of the tests can be undertaken by remote login from your home computer or laptop which saves time and keeps costs in check.

Coaching and mentoring services. Unlimited mentoring with an experienced Career Coach, with quarterly face to face meetings and email support as required. During these sessions, you can discuss any aspect of your role, career, aims/objectives etc and we will gladly provide expert comments and guidance.

Full programme of support. This incorporates all of the elements above. 

Please call us on 0161 401 3108 or email to discuss any of these services further.