Hourly rate recruitment service Supporting your recruitment without costly fees


Now you can choose to outsource or not – hourly rate recruitment services!

If you are looking to run your own recruitment process but still need some support, then there is a new way of working – hourly rate recruitment is now a reality! Much like accountants, solicitors and management consultants, we can help you to save money while still achieving the right result. The way in which we do this is by offering you support which you can buy on an ad hoc basis as follows:

If you wish to outsource the management of the whole recruitment process                            Hourly Rate Consultancy

Approximate time 3-5 days **


If you don’t wish to outsource your whole recruitment process

You may not need support on all aspects but you might require assistance with some of the following:

1.Writing an advert and posting it on the relevant job boards

With over 25 years of advert copy writing experience, we can craft an advert to strike the right tone and ultimately generate maximum numbers of quality responses.

Additionally, we have agreements with all the main boards so we can generate a healthy discount for you.

Approximate time 2-4 hours**

2. CV assessment

You could easily expect to generate between 100-250 applicants with an advertisement over a 4 week period.

Assess your total CV response against the job description and criterion set.

Derive a long list of 10-12 candidates for us to contact via telephone/skype.

Generate a shortlist of 5-6.Curriculum Vitae

Approx. time 1-1.5 days**

2.Interview facilitation

Help you to interview the shortlisted candidates. Over a short period, we would help you to develop the process and confidence to be able to conduct the interviews alone. However, it may take some time to gain your own style/confidence/technique so we will sit in on the meetings in the early stages and support you through them.

Approx. time 1.5 – 3 days **

3.Offer and acceptance

The offer is key to the success of the whole process. It is therefore imperative that the right offer is made first time around. We can help you to craft the right message and produce a standard template offer letter.

Approx. time 2 hours **

4.Post offer management

If the candidate has a protracted notice period, care must be taken to ensure that matters including candidate expectations are well managed up to start date. We will help you to manage the post acceptance process to ensure a successful start is achieved.

Approx. time 2 hours **

*Coaching and mentoring sessions can be agreed separately (the same rates apply) – you choose how long to offer the service to the new incumbent. **In all instances, actual time spent will be dictated by total response levels but the approximate time guides are a good estimate based on our experience gained over 25 years.

Fees for hourly rate consultancy services are charged at £55 per hour or alternatively, £385 for a full day.

Why not consider working with us for a half day session to discuss your recruitment plans. At the end of it, if you don’t think we’ve added any value, we’ll give you the session for FREE.