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Non Executive Director for Slingsby

Case study details

Based: Bradford, UK

Position: Non-executive Director

Recruitment Consultancy Cork Griffiths successfully placed John Waterhouse with public limited company – Slingsby – as a Non Executive Director.
slingsby 5Bradford based Slingsby is over 100 years old and sells a range of 30,000+ ‘essential workplace products’ available through mail order catalogues and the Internet. It also has a network of regional offices throughout the UK, including Ireland. Slingsby is a family business and Slingsby family members still hold 3 of the 5 director positions on the Board. Dominic Slingsby, MD, was very cautious about finding exactly the right person for the job and interviewed John 4 times before arriving at the decision to appoint him.

John was taken on in to assist Dominic Slingsby. His skills and expertise were employed to help steer the company strategically. The role is permanent and for 1-2 days per month. “I am enjoying the role very much” commented John. “This is a classic NED position, where I am able to ask awkward and challenging questions.” At Cork Griffiths John worked closely with Paul Griffiths, with whom he hit it off straight away. “We had a great chemistry and understanding between us immediately” said John. “Paul knew the type of role I was looking for and he was also able to match my skills well when he suggested the Slingsby role.”

John is certainly very happy with how Paul had handled the placement. Paul Griffiths commented that “John is exactly what Slingsby need and were looking for, he isn’t afraid to make changes and is very clear on how progress can be made.”