HR support services that deliver Take the guesswork out of high calibre people management


Untitled-1_03Keeping in touch with how your top people perform can be a challenging business, yet it’s an essential component of corporate success. With Cork Griffiths, we take the guesswork out of performance management, allowing you to understand and engage with the potential of all senior personnel from a true and knowledge-based perspective.

Experienced programmes, tailored to your needs

Using a range of HR support services and techniques, from personality assessments and ability testing to development programmes and long-term strategic talent planning, we provide support that help businesses function more profitably and effectively.

Whether you are looking to build new or existing teams, increase group effectiveness, or want to manage individual development and performance, the Cork Griffiths approach, spearheaded by our own CIPD Fellow, is both comprehensive and culturally conscious, delivering a dynamic context within which businesses can thrive.

A broad range of tools for business performance

Our services as consultants help Cork Griffiths clients create and develop truly dynamic HR structures that remain compliant in a fast moving world. We believe that people are only as good as the structures within which they operate, and Cork Griffiths delivers results-based programmes across the following critical HR support services:

  • Human Resources
  • Team Dynamics Audit
  • Psychometric testing
  • Long-term recruitment strategy planning
  • Outsourced HR consultancy
  • Employment law package
  • Informative industry briefings, and Tips for Managing Directors
  • Training, coaching and development
  • Account management
  • Human Capital Due Diligence

Everything we do at Cork Griffiths is designed to ensure a successful outcome for the client, in a deliberate manner that is smooth, cost effective and built around individual client needs. All of our services operate on an hourly/day rate basis. Why not try us out and see how we can add real value to your people management.  If you don’t consider we have added any value at the end of the project, we will give you the service for FREE.

If you would like a discussion about how HR support services for SMEs can make a significant difference to your business and its commercial performance, then Contact us now.