Build the best team Take time to find the best people and invest in them


To build a good business, you need to build the best team you can.

Take time to find the best people and invest in them.

Don’t be scared to hire people who are smarter than you.

Richard Branson has known this all through his business life and this is, in part, why he has been so successful.

An owner manager can only hope to do this if he or she spends the necessary amount of time on the project of recruiting the right people and thereafter, investing time in them to ensure that they can develop and flourish in your business with the aim of adding value.

If you’re going to spend time and money on hiring someone, particularly for a senior management or Board appointment, then you need people who are committed to working smart and hard to help you achieve your goals.

At Cork Griffiths, we work with business owners to help them find the right people who will add substantial value and make the owners life easier in the long run.

How do we do this ? – next time you’re thinking of hiring for a key role, call us on 0161 401 3108 or 0203 151 3118 to find out