Redundancy support Don't despair - support is available


Redundancy support

Have you recently lost your job through a round of redundancies ? Do you need redundancy support ? 

For those difficult and sensitive times when you need a guiding hand. We are specialists in supporting individuals who have faced redundancy situations.

Over the years, many individuals have gone through one of our programmes to help them “find their feet” and then, once galvanised and focussed, find their next role.

It can take some time to come to terms with a redundancy and we understand this.  We provide a listening and sympathetic ear to support you at a potentially difficult and emotional time. We can give you a supportive hand to help you get yourself “back on your feet”.

We can also put you in touch with other professionals who have been through a similar experience which will help you understand how they overcame the initial shock and went on to find the right career move. Our process is as follows:

Phase 1 – Initial career and CV assessment.

This involves a discussion with one of our Career management specialists and usually lasts around one hour and a half. We provide an initial consultation to help you to address the market post-redundancy and assess how to move forwards positively. At the end of the discussion, we will make some recommendations based on what you have said which you can then mull over and see if you’d like to progress. This initial assessment will include a full review of your current CV and if necessary, we will make a series of recommendations which will give it a “boost”. Some of the advice can be implemented by you immediately.

Phase 2 – Follow up redundancy support programme.

A second session following on from the Initial Career Assessment to review the discussion and start to make the steps necessary to help you transition from redundancy into a positive, forward thinking action planning stage designed to take you to the next level. This can include: exploring how to go about finding your next career move; portfolio careers; NED appointments; management buy-in situations or even exploring franchise opportunities. Thereafter, we deliver a full programme lasting as long as you need it. We will incorporate whatever support you need including CV assessment/re-write; networking support; jobs board training; presentation skills workshop and a quarterly mentoring service for one year. The cost of this programme is often paid for by your employer during a redundancy programme.

Phase 3 – Ongoing support post redundancy.

Once you have become a user of our service, we will be there to support you at any time in your career and are always happy to have a conversation at any time whenever you need it. We will make ourselves available to meet up for those important discussions at key points in your career. 

The price for this programme is £1,870 +VAT

After the initial meeting, we are always happy to meet up to discuss matters but we can also use Skype (the VOIP portal) to deliver our services, whichever suits you best. Skype is free to download and free to use from your laptop/desktop computer. It is very useful for those touch point discussions when you need a face to face contact at short notice.

Find out how you can turn what may seem a negative situation into a positive career development opportunity. Contact Paul Griffiths on 07802 716996 or email to discuss your situation.