Outplacement services Expert support available for outplacement and redundancy programmes


Outplacement and Redundancy Support

Are you feeling pressure on Human Resources ?

Extra pressures on Human Resources can come in all shapes and sizes – company relocation, recession, downsizing, sale of business, merger and so on can all affect the shape of your team.

All these situations cause real problems for the HR side of the business. Our Outplacement Services and Redundancy Support unit has many years of experience in dealing with these sorts of situations and we would like to offer a FREE ONE HALF DAY CONSULTANCY to any business to demonstrate how outplacement can help you in such times.

Equally, if you are considering making redundancies in the near future, there are a number of important considerations. For example, you must carefully consider the post redundancy survivors ie those left behind after a redundancy or closure programme. Overlook these people and you do so at your peril !

Communication is the key and we can HELP YOU THROUGH THE MINEFIELD OF HR LEGISLATION to ensure you handle any HR situation or redundancy consultation effectively and legally.

If you are experiencing MAJOR BUSINESS CHANGE OR INTERRUPTION or feel you are likely to in the coming months, please call us on freephone 0800 9553108 to speak to our Outplacement & Redundancy specialist. Alternatively, take a look at our dedicated website at www.career-management-experts.com