My First Week at Cork Griffiths – Day 7


My First Week at Cork Griffiths – Day 7

My First Week at Cork Griffiths

Day 7.

I came in in the morning and spent the majority doing my daily duties as this was a busy day on emailing. I then passed the information I had received onto the Executive Recruiter/ Managing Director.

I went on to do filing and started writing a case study using the new template this was done using word which I then converted into a PDF.

In the afternoon I went on to do some basic admin work on the systems and did some tidying in the office such as shredding and filing notes, then I spent the remainder of the day being trained on how other things were filed and I was also taught how to do more complex tasks on the system.

I left the office feeling excited to come back to work in the morning as everyday I was being taught something new and exciting.

I thought I had progressed really when in my first official 7 days working at Cork Griffiths and I believe I can add value to the companies social media sites, please feel free to take a look and follow/connect;

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