Motivate your team

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Motivate your team

A news article that captured our interest recently was titled how to motivate your team.

Some of the Tips include

  1. Start as you mean to continue

Buddy programmes for new hire employees. Ensure the buddy has a thorough  understanding of what is expected of them, why they’ve been chosen to do this and what they can achieve by taking the time to be a buddy

  1. Reward & Recognition

Reward those who consistently go the extra mile for internal or external customers. It is thought that money is not a motivator in itself although lack of money is a demotivated.  People like to be utilised and involved in strategic decisions.

  1. Upskill your Workforce

Continuous improvement needs to be at the forefront of any HR strategy to help develop the workforce.  Encourage those employees that embrace new practices that are producing better results.

  1. Coach your Team

Set realistic goals that you can assist to achieve. If necessary break the goals down into smaller more manageable parts. Show them how you do it but equally encourage innovations within your teams.

  1. Choice & Challenge

An individual development plan is often a good approach to help challenge learners.  Providing tasks just beyond the skill level of employees is important, you don’t want to push them too soon as work that is too difficult can raise anxiety, however on the other hand, tasks that are too simple contribute to boredom – decreasing motivation toward learning.  A happy medium needs to be met to encourage employees to search for challenging activities, all forming an integral part in the learning process. Continually investing resources into learning and development is important to enable companies to not only retain, but maximise the team’s abilities.  By laying out ongoing training options at the outset of an individual’s career enables them to see clearly the path they can take, the future they can have and the opportunities that exist for them if they remain with the business – helping your company increase staff loyalty and engagement.

That was the do’s but what about the donts

Ten things to stop doing right away

  1. Stop lamenting about impediments, barriers, morons at the helm, lack of time and such other.
  2. Do not get hung up on details.
  3. Do not allow pessimists, doomsayers and curmudgeons near your team. They will suck the life out of you.
  4. Stop procrastination and don’t tell me you don’t have time to do this.
  5. Stop being in love with your methodology, processes and tools. Challenge them instead.
  6. Stop censoring ideas.
  7. Stop telling your people how to do their job. Instead, set expectations of results.
  8. If something is old or new, or fashionable does not make it right. Eschew fads.
  9. Stop punishing mistakes, unless they are a result of sloth or overt sloppiness.
  10. Stop limiting yourself with arbitrary timelines, goals and beliefs. Run through the finish line. Exceed your own expectations.