Interim Finance Director Recruit an experienced Interim Finance Director and move your business forwards


An Interim Finance Director can be a powerful tool for businesses undergoing change, allowing access to highly expensesspecialised and valuable skill sets in a controlled and managed manner. Assisting you to build your business towards growth or sale. Providing you with the building blocks to manage the other aspects of your business.

If you  can answer ‘yes’ to any of these questions an Interim Finance Director could prove to be the most cost effective decision you make this year:- Do you need some support with your accounts, VAT, Tax bills, invoicing ? Are your budgets giving you a headache? Do you struggle to deal with finance matters? Is the bank restricting your business growth plans? Has your current FD had to leave? Has your current Finance Director never worked on a business sale and this is where you are hoping to go?  investment

If you are looking for controlled financial support in a given time period an Interim Finance Director may be the answer you are looking for. They cover all aspects of financial management including: Management accounts. Supplier and third party negotiations. Acquisitions and growth. Year end preparation. Budgets and cash flows, financing options. Mentoring and Non Exec support. Quarterly business round-up. Bank liaison and representation. Contract negotiations

Cork Griffiths has a large number of Interim Finance Directors who are ready to move into your business and offer support and advice where you need it. Our Interim Finance Directors usually operate through their own limited companies, and have professional indemnity insurance, which means that there are no employment law issues, and no savingslong term contract.

An Interim Finance Director can cover gaps or project manage in time scales to suit you. Contact us now if you would like for further information or assistance with finding the most suitable Interim Finance Director for you.