How do we do it By looking at your recruitment differently


How do we do it ?

By looking at your recruitment differently……

If you are wondering how we can offer such a commercial deal on our fee/guarantee mix, the answer is simple. We have moved away from the traditional thinking on which most recruitment agencies typically operate (ie fees charged as a percentage of salary) and we have thought about it from a different angle. From the customer’s angle.

Why do agencies have to charge in this way ? Accountants and lawyers don’t charge in this way! Other HR practitioners don’t charge in this way – they operate an hourly or day rate model so why shouldn’t we do the same ?

So, we have stripped down our whole recruitment process into its constituent parts and assessed the time taken to carry out each stage. We subsequently derived an “effective hourly rate” for our time and worked the model through to derive the fixed fee levels we are now offering. Take a look at our dedicated page for more information.

Equally, with reference to guarantees, some clients are happy with 13 weeks but others need longer to assess an appointee. We agree, you probably do need more than 13 weeks to assess whether a new appointee is right for the business for the long term and this is certainly nearly always the case for more senior and executive hires.

This is why we have introduced guarantee extensions, which mean that you can ultimately extend the free replacement guarantee to 12 months from start date. Please click here for more information.

What fantastic peace of mind this gives you!

If you would like to experience a different type of recruitment than the “traditional non cost-effective” method, come and see how we can do it for your business.

Please keep us front of mind when you are next recruiting.