Directors Recruiting Directors


Directors usually fall into two main categories:– Executive Directors and Non-Executive Directors.

Executive directors perform operational and strategic business tasks such as:

Executive directors are usually employed by the company and paid a salary.
Non-Executive Directors (NED) use their experience and expertise to provide independent advice and objectivity, and they usually have a role in monitoring executive management. An NED might be appointed to carry out a specialist role on a part-time basis or for their expertise in specific activities, such as strategy and contract negotiation. They may be regarded as employed by the business or self-employed under a contract for services, depending on the terms and conditions of engagement. They usually work part time, attending board meetings and spending time on specific projects. Non-executive directors bring an objective view of the business, can improve the board’s effectiveness at relatively low cost and provide valuable business connections.

The Director recruitment process

When recruiting a director for your organisation you might lean towards appointing a Director from someone among your network of industry contacts.

With a Director, it is imperative that you choose the right individual for your organisation, rather than someone who is familiar to you. The most effective method of hiring directors is to follow the conventional recruitment process by:

You could consider using an Executive Recruitment Agency, such as Cork Griffiths – who specialise in helping organisations recruit directors.

Cork Griffiths offer services such as:

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