managing holidays

Managing Holidays

An article in Guardian Careers really struck a chord with us here at Cork Griffiths as we have just negotiated …

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Corporate Finance Partner

Motivate your team

A news article that captured our interest recently was titled how to motivate your team. Some of the Tips include …

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Your First NED Role

The holy grail: getting your first NED role There are many aspiring Non Executive Directors in the UK who would …

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We have recently been looking through our old BLOGS, interested to see what has changed, and what have people been …

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Writing a Job Description

Writing a Job Description   –  nail the job spec and you’re half way there! When you are considering a new …

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acceptance care

Acceptance Care

Acceptance care and after-sales service Once a successful appointment has taken place, a number of consequential actions must be managed …

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job specification

The Job Specification

Nail the Job Specification and you’re half way there! What is a job specification A job specification is a statement …

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